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Portable Mini Blender Bottle

Portable Mini Blender Bottle

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Frozen Cocktails, Fresh Smoothies, & Iced Coffee anytime, anywhere!

Take our portable blender bottle with you everywhere you go and enjoy your favorite drinks anytime you chose, even while camping!


With a powerful motor and stainless steel blades, this bad boy is frozen fruit friendly. What about ice? Yep, we recommend small chunks of ice for the best blend.

Wireless Charging

No cords necessary! This blender utilizes wireless charging making it conveniently portable to take anywhere. Recharge simply by plugging the USB cord into your computer, charger pack, car, or a wall block.

Easy to Clean

Simply add a drop of soap, some water, and turn it on. Don't for get to rise well! Bottom base is removable and watertight making clean up easy breezy.



Long Lasting Battery

You could get up to 15 uses before needing recharged. The longer and harder the blend, the more battery it uses each time. We recommend storing on the charger between uses so that it's ready for your next delicious blend.

Trendy Design

Don't like the masculine design of other portable blenders? The sleek, minimal, fashion trendy design makes this portable blender show worthy

Silent Blade Technology

Enjoy a much quieter blending experience. Will you still hear it? Of course, but you won't be waking the entire house! 

Kid Friendly

Have a child who likes to create, craft, and do everything themselves? This portable blender is easy for kids to make their own blends--with adult supervision of course! This baby does have blades attached, after all.

Holds approximately 12 oz.


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